Smooth Moves: Protecting Floors While Moving Furniture

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One of the most tyring aspects of buying a house is moving. However, your flooring will benefit from your move! To help shield them from scuffs and scratches, it’s still worthwhile to invest on some moving equipment even if you’re renting. Here we will give you some tips to prevent your floor getting damaged, and by the end you may also think of getting the best furniture movers Dubai. These are seven pointers to help you move furniture without damaging your floors:

  1. Take Furniture Apart

Move your furniture, but don’t try moving it exactly as it is. Make sure you disassemble everything first. Taking the cushions off of couches, disassembling your bed frame, headboard, and mattress, and emptying all of the drawers in a desk or dresser are a few examples.

 This is a quick action that will significantly reduce the workload. You should make sure you have a toolbox close at hand in case you need to remove legs or other parts from furniture. It should be simple to move the furniture once you’ve disassembled it.

  1. Get Everything Off the Floor

Before moving furniture, make sure everything is off the floor, including carpets, rugs, random baskets, and trinkets. This matters for a number of reasons:

Moving heavy furniture shouldn’t be done if you trip over something on the floor; second, moving the furniture won’t be possible if you keep running into objects; and third, you run the risk of scratching both your floors and your furniture.

  1. Use moving blankets, towels or cardboard

It is best using professional moving blankets for your move, if you can find them. With their padding, these moving blankets are useful for wrapping and shielding furniture as it is pushed or pulled over the floor.

Your hardwood floors will appreciate it, we assure you. Furthermore, moving blankets shield corners and walls from harm while moving furniture. If moving blankets are out of your price range, you can substitute cardboard and towels.

  1. Use Furniture Sliders or Gliders

Use sliders to move your furniture after covering it with moving blankets. It’s simple to locate these sliders (sometimes known as gliders, depending on the situation) online.

Sliders are unique pads that slide beneath furniture legs and are composed of felt, rubber, or plastic. You’ll be able to move the item across the floor without damaging your hardwood floors once it’s under the furniture. Heavy items such as dressers, couches, and tables are ideal candidates for furniture sliders.

  1. Try it on its side

If the object isn’t too large or heavy, you might be able to slide it by placing it on its side or back. As there is more surface area that needs to be covered, make sure it is on a soft, slid-friendly surface that is also exceptionally thick and robust.

This can lessen the likelihood of scraping by spreading the weight across a broader region. If the object has legs, this will help lessen the strain on them. When you raise it back up to its upright posture, just watch out for the legs and corners with caution.

  1. Get Professional Help

It’s not for the timid to move large furniture. Unless you intend to move a few small objects, like end tables, plant stands, and chairs, its best hiring assistance. Why? For it is never a good idea to lift and push large furniture by yourself. You risk breaking those gorgeous hardwood floors in addition to hurting your shoulders and back.

Get a few friends or family members to assist you in shifting all of your heavy furniture so that you don’t damage the floorboards. Beds, couches, coffee tables, desks, dressers, buffets, dining tables, and console tables are all included in this. Lacking buddies to lend a hand? Try getting help with the loading and unloading from a reputable furniture movers Dubai.

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Although moving furniture might be quite painful, you can prevent scratches on your flooring by carefully preparing ahead and using the appropriate tools.

Worried to do it alone? We understand! Don’t panic and visit our website to receive the best furniture movers Dubai services.