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Germany as the Moving Destination

Germany is a beautiful country that offers a beautiful mix of both fast city life and quiet suburban experience. The cost of living is relatively affordable, just like in the Western Europe. The country also has an excellent work-life balance, so if you are planning to settle in the country, and have an excellent job, you are in luck. We provide complete assistance for movers from Dubai to Germany. The people of Germany might not be overly friendly, but once you get to know the culture, you will easily adapt to it. If you have a knack for learning languages, German will be easy to learn, otherwise it would take time. The cost of living is relatively low, so you will find that living in Germany is comparatively easier.

Procedures involved in moving from Dubai to Germany

Looking for permanent residence in Germany? Through PR, you can stay in Germany as long as you want, can leave and then come back as you please. Whatever your reason for immigrating to Germany are, make sure you meet certain conditions. Check out these conditions for movers from Dubai to Germany:

  • Proof of financial stability
  • Valid health insurance
  • Basic knowledge of German
  • Apply and receive German visa
  • Apply for residence permit
  • Proof of funds
  • Temporary or permanent residence permits

Documents required

Before relocating to Germany there are a few documents that movers from Dubai to Germany have to prepare for verification purposes.

  • Germany Visa Application Form
  • Have a Valid Passport
  • Two identical Germany Visa Photos
  • Proof of Accommodation in Germany
  • Transportation / Round trip reservation or itinerary
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Proof of Funds and Financial Means.

Types of Freight Services used

Pack2Go Offers three main types of freight services to transport the valuables and possessions of customers. You can choose your mode of transport depending on urgency, the nature of goods and when you need the products delivered. We offer three main types of freight services: Air, Rail and Road services. We can help with the packaging, transportation and moving of your belongings. We offer air freight services and send the goods to any destination of choice, thanks to our partnership with different airlines. We offer road services for local moves, with complete efficiency and transparency.

Things that are allowed and prohibited while moving to Germany

The countries in the EU are very strict about the things they allow. So you are not allowed to bring meat and meat products, milk and milk products, plant and plant products and so on. There are however, some exceptions for instant food and foods that you need to carry for medical reasons. You can carry liquor, cigarettes, perfume, cologne and similar items in small quantities.

Why to choose Pack2Go for moving from Dubai to Germany

Planning to move from Dubai to Germany? Then Pack2Go would be the right partner in the entire moving procedure, right from applying for the visa to finding a nice neighbourhood in Germany, schools for your kids and so on. We will also pack and transport goods for movers from Dubai to Germany, to whichever location they want to send them to. We can also hold the goods for you in our storage containers, so you can retrieve them anytime you want to.


There are many steps involved if you are planning to move from one country to another. For instance, you need to find the right mover from Dubai to Germany like Pack2Go who can assist you with all the formalities. Once you inform us about your relocation needs, we will guide you through packing, shipping and other formalities like logistics. We will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth, seamless experience.
There are many procedures involved when you are moving from Dubai to Germany such as visa and residence permit, organizing your goods, packing, shipping, and arranging for residence in Germany. Pack2Go can assist you with the logistics and shipping aspects of your move. This makes the process simple and straightforward.
Moving to Germany depends on various factors such as the quantity of items, shipping method, and additional services required. Hence, it is important that you get a quote from Pack2Go so that you can get an accurate estimate as per your specific needs and budget.
Germany is considered one of the best countries in the world for moving because of its strong economy, good quality of life, excellent education and healthcare systems. With assistance from Pack2Go movers, you can have a hassle-free experience of moving to Germany.
As mentioned above, Germany is considered one of the best countries to migrate to because of its robust economy, excellent standard of living, top healthcare and best educational system. Talk to Pack2Go movers who can help you with the entire immigration process and logistics so that you can smoothly transition to Germany.
Once you move to Germany, make sure to complete any pending works such as registering your residence with the necessary authorities, opening a bank account, and getting health insurance. Make sure to understand the German culture, laws and local customs so that you and your family can adapt to your new environment effectively.
If you want to live in Germany, you can ask Pack2Go movers. We will help you meet the eligibility criteria to get a permanent residence permit, which often includes living in Germany for many years under a temporary permit, showing financial stability, or even passing a language proficiency test.
Yes. Germany offers excellent support for anyone who want to settle in Germany. We at Pack2Go can guide you through the logistical factors of your settlement that makes the whole process more manageable.
The amount of money you need to move to Germany depends on your lifestyle, housing choices, family size. It is necessary to decide your budget for cost of living, housing choices, and any additional services you need for relocation process. Talk to us. We at Pack2Go can help you in guiding you with the relocation process and expenses.