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At Pack2go we understand how important consignments are and so is the importance of insurance. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all goods and cargoes (both domestic and international shipping).

Our team will look into and provide-

  • Quotes and policies from global insurance entities
  • Market competitive rates
  • Complete coverage for all goods
  • Hassle free claims and settlement process.

Pack2Go is one of the best movers in JLT, so if you are looking for an excellent team to move your furniture, look no further than us. We do everything from dismantling the furniture to packaging and then assembling them in the new location.

First, we will have a discussion with you, regarding moving the goods from the start to finish. Once that is done, we will draw a customised plan wherein we will chart out our services, and how you need to be prepared. Each service will be explained in detail, including what you need to do with your beds, mattresses, furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, heavy furniture and so on. Being the best in the field, we will take all your requirements into consideration, so we can make the move accordingly. We also know how to pack and transport household materials and other items that need utmost care and protection.

Procedures involved in moving furniture in Dubai

Furniture moving is best done with the help of professionals so you can make it less cumbersome and frustrating. Our professional team is highly skilled in dealing with all kinds of furniture moving and incorporating them in the new space. The procedures will depend on where the move is going to take place,  and whether international shipping is involved. However, the basics involved are:

  • Removing and packaging them tightly
  • Dismantling heavy equipment
  • Rebuilding the furniture once they reach the destination
  • Placing them in storage containers
  • Taping the containers tightly
  • Getting the required paperwork for shipping
  • Insuring all the furniture has the proper paperwork done

Benefits of getting Cargo insurance for furniture moving

As the best movers in JLT, we are also responsible for moving your furniture safely across borders. This is where getting cargo insurance is important. When you get cargo insurance while transporting your furniture, it would provide adequate coverage in case of any unforeseen events.

In cargo insurance, the insurance company charges a certain amount as claim money, depending on the value of the cargo, and then projects the shipment. So getting cargo insurance will also ensure that your furniture will reach safely at its destination.

Why to choose us for furniture moving service

We  offer the best furniture movers Dubai services because we have the experience and knowledge to make it a successful relocation. We can handle all kinds of furniture moving, and our services are transparent, so you will be aware of where they have reached while in transit. We do terrific work in packing and shipping them, ensuring safety of your cargo.

You can enjoy a hassle-free moving service when you hire us. Not only would our movers know the local neighbourhoods like the back of their hand for local moves, but they would also be able to provide cost-effective services for international moves. Through careful planning and logistics we make sure that we don’t have to make multiple trips to move your goods, and thus save time for you.

And once the goods have reached their location, we can unpack and assemble them exactly as they were.

What makes us standout from other movers in JLT

We offer the best furniture movers Dubai services in JLT and we have a growing clientele of happy customers thrilled with our services.

What makes us special and unique is our transparency in our moving process. We will keep you updated on the furniture moving process while moving them and you can easily track where we have reached. We use special high quality materials for packing and transporting expensive and valuable goods, making sure they reach safely.

Our transparency and dedication have enabled us to provide the most prompt services to our customers and we have a very professional and highly skilled team that can provide customised plans to ensure each customer’s specific demands are met.


Are you looking for furniture movers in Dubai? IF so, Pack2Go is here for you. Call us at +971-4-3232125 if you have any queries. You can also use our contact us page to ask your questions. We will be happy to answer your questions.
Yes. Many movers in JLT like Pack2Go pack your goods. Feel free to visit our website to know how we work.
Even though tipping practices differ, it is always best to tip 10-15% of the total moving cost as a token of gratitude for their hard work.
There are many factors that go into moving your furniture such as volume of items, distance, etc. Typically, movers in JLT like us can move your furniture within a day.
Furniture Movers in Dubai like Pack2Go are skilled and have years of experience in the field. We disassemble the items using padding or blankets, use proper lifting techniques and protect the furniture in the moving truck. This prevents damage to your furniture while moving or in transit.
Movers in JLT use state-of-the-art equipment like dollies, straps or lifting belts to move heavy items like furniture. We have a team of experts who are adept in proper lifting techniques that reduce the risk of injury.
Yes, furniture movers in Dubai like Pack2Go may have restrictions on transporting hazardous materials, perishable items or items that are legally restricted. Talk to us if you need any clarification.
If there any items that you want to move yourself, you can keep it aside and let us know. We will handle the rest of your items that needs moving.
There are many movers in JLT like Pack2Go who offer you competitive rates to move your furniture. Call us at +971-4-3232125 to know more.