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To provide our customers with the most efficient, innovative household, commercial, and international moving experience possible.

Our Vision

To be a leader in total logistics solutions with total customer satisfaction and global presence.

About Us

Pack2Go: Your Ideal Partner for International Moving Services

Top International Moving Services Companies in UAE

Being one of the top international moving companies in UAE, Pack2Go is one of the with strong ideals and a passion for perfection. We have an excellent team of packers and movers who are ready to take on the challenges of moving, making it a mission to provide you with the best service, no matter what the destination is. We know the importance of getting your stuff safely across various distances, so it doesn't matter the distance we are covering, the level of protection for your belongings will be the same. Through excellent service and dedication, Pack2go has evolved to be the one stop shop for all your relocation and moving needs. We assist with domestic, commercial, and international moves and shipments. Be it a small personal package or a bulky official shipment; our team is always ready to assist.

Pack2go has been a key player in the UAE, as well as in the international markets for a while now. We have established our base across Singapore, Qatar and UAE with our expertise in logistics and freight operations. We have maintained a reputation of consistent and high-quality standard for all classes and types of shipments. Our team has created a niche for themselves and comes across as highly credible.

Expert Team

It is the team, with their international knowledge and expertise that made Pack2Go one of the most renowned international moving companies in UAE offering top-notch international moving services.
Our team would provide you with a detailed planning of all the items that can be moved out and those that cannot be. This would prevent any headaches on the day of the move. Yes, it is true that moving companies will not move everything and our team would go over those in detail, so you can be prepared. One example would be any items that could cause potential combustion during the move. These are bbq grills, lawn equipment, and similar things. If you want to bring those along, you will have to dump out the gasoline and oil. Similarly, the team would assist you with each aspect of moving, so the process can be done seamlessly.

What makes us unique from other moving Companies?

We have no hidden charges, and hence no unpleasant surprises. We will be upfront regarding the costs and forthright regarding what you can and cannot move. The team would be completely dedicated in providing a customised plan so you can have a trouble-free experience and a great move. We are always available on the phone, so if you want to discuss anything regarding the move, you can call us and get that cleared.

Why choose us?

Of course, when it comes to choosing a moving company, you will have a lot of options, so what makes us special? Our professional movers are well trained and have a wealth of combined experience, making your relocation process easy and in the shortest possible time. We also do proper research before providing our services, so you can be assured of no last minute stress or challenges. We are responsible for the goods we move, so don’t worry about your expensive possessions, however far the destination is. We can ship to several destinations worldwide, and we have teams across the world to manage your goods. We provide our services at reasonable rates, and we do it responsibly. Just focus on the actual moving process, and leave the rest to us.

Global Presence:

With our international moving services¸Pack2Go has earned global reputation. With a stronghold in logistics and freight operations, we've maintained consistent, high-quality standards for various classes and types of shipments.

Since every relocation is different, we offer customised moving solutions catered to your particular requirements. To avoid any surprises on the day of the relocation, our crew carefully arranges the goods that may be moved and those that need extra care.

International Regulations and Compliances:

Going through international regulations can be hard especially if you have no one else to guide you. With us you don’t have to worry anymore. Being well-versed in the intricacies of the international moving we make sure that your move is smooth and hassle-free process.

Our “Standardized Service Quality” parameters ensures that every department and process at Pack2Go is geared towards delivering the Pac2Go brand promise

Benefits of choosing services from us

Pack2go has been a key player in the UAE, as well as in the international markets for a while now. We have established our base across Singapore, Qatar and UAE with our expertise in logistics and freight operations. We have maintained a reputation of consistent and high quality standards for all classes and types of shipments.

Global Recruitment standards:

You can be assured that every personnel associated with each aspect of your move at Pack2Go (managers, move coordinators, drivers, packers, service technicians etc) has undergone a rigorous selection process and has a proven track record in their respective areas of expertise.

Turnkey services:

As a part of Pack2Go’sr brand promise of “stress free services” it strives to provide a “one stop shopping” experience. So whatever your special moving or logistics requirement – transit insurance, pet relocation, storage, cleaning services – there is a good chance that Pack2Go has it.

Standardized Service Quality:

We have an uncompromising stand on ‘Standardized Service Quality’ parameters, across all our service centres and among our team members. Our “Standardized Service Quality” parameters ensure that every department and process at Pack2Go is geared towards delivering the Pack2Go brand promise.

Modern tools and equipment specific to the job:

It can be any time of move that you are looking at - residential, commercial, educational institutes, government agencies etc, we’ve got that covered. Being one of the best international moving companies in UAE, Pack2GO has the equipment, expertise and personnel to ensure hassle and stress-free experience.

Tracking services:

Track your international shipments through customised access software.

Extensive international networks and partnerships:

whether you wish to move local, interstate or international. Pack2Go’s worldwide resources and a plethora of locations all around the world gives us the extra edge over other moving companies. And this makes us one of the most highly regarded international moving companies in UAE.

When shifting you sometimes end up doing a good deed!

At pack2go we still care about humanity, Precisely the reason for us to take all your storable food like canned food, pulses, rice etc. that you cannot or would not take with you when shifting.

We put them to good use by donating the food that you do not carry to people who are needy of it.

Next time you want to get rid of that can of soup ( excess baggage ) when shifting, just inform us and we will make sure someone will thank you for their dinner.

Our valued clients


Comparing the cost of international moving companies in UAE, including Pack2Go, is necessary for many reasons. For instance, it will help you with analyzing the budget effectively if you are planning to move. This ensures that you can cover all expenses easily. Secondly, different companies will offer you different pricing packages and services. When you compare costs and services, it will give you the liberty to understand the needs and budget. Moreover, when you compare prices, you can check for any hidden fees or extra fees which certain movers may charge to ensure transparency in your relocation process.
International moving companies in UAE like Pack2Go will ask you for certain documents that are mandatory for transferring your essentials overseas. Some of them are:
• Passport and visa – make sure that your passport is updated and have the necessary visa for your destination country.
• Residence permits – check if you require any residence permits or visas for your family members who will be accompanying you.
• Inventory list – create a detailed list of items that you will be moving that is often required by customs authorities.
• Insurance documents – get the necessary insurance coverage for your belongings during transportation.
• Packing list – give a detailed packing list to the moving company i.e. Pack2Go to ensure proper handling and tracking of your goods.
• Power of attorney – you need to provide a power of attorney document that authorizes us (the moving company) to act on your behalf for customs clearance and other necessary formalities.
The cost of moving your items internationally depends on the several factors like volume of your items, travel distance from your current location to the destination, shipping method (air or sea), and even additional services like packing and insurance. Though moving overseas can be expensive, international moving companies in UAE like Pack2Go provide you customized, affordable solutions for your peace of mind. Hence, it is necessary that you get quotes from multiple movers and compare their services and pricing so that you can choose the one that matches your needs.
The cost of living varies significantly from one destination to another. The cheapest place to live overseas depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. It is crucial that you research your potential destination thoroughly and consider various factors like cost of rental apartments, transportation, healthcare, and overall expenses. When you are relocating with international moving companies in UAE like Pack2Go, they can provide you insights and tips on how to choose an affordable destination as per your budget and needs.
If you are moving to Dubai, you must consider packing the necessary items such as clothing to suit the climate, personal documents, electronics and any other necessary medications. International moving companies like Pack2Go can assist you with packing services, materials used for packing and guidance on what are the things to pack that suits your specific needs and local regulations in Dubai. We will also offer you proper advice on what to leave behind or what you need to purchase locally to save shipping costs.
Moving to the UAE can be easy when you choose reliable international moving companies like Pack2Go. We have years of experience in the field can help you by providing you proper guidance and support. We can help you with customs clearance, documentation and transportation of your goods. We streamline the process as per your requirements while abiding by the laws to the UAE. This makes the transition stress-free for you and your family.
We at Pack2Go are the top international moving companies in UAE and we recommend contacting a mover well in advance before your planned move. We always recommend starting the process at least 2-3 months prior your moving date. This gives us the time to provide you with proper quotes, structure the logistics, and ensure availability for your chosen moving dates. Even though in cases of last-minute moves, we can often accommodate your needs, it is always best to contact us as soon as possible to secure our services.
It is necessary to protect your possessions while transporting. Keeping that in mind, we provide various options to safeguard your belongings such as professional packing, insurance, quality of the packing materials, inventory tracking, and climate-controlled storage.
As part of your overseas location, international moving companies in UAE like Pack2Go can handle a diverse range of heavy goods. These include furniture, electrical appliances, vehicles, machinery and personal belongings. It is necessary to discuss your heavy items with us when you are planning so that we can arrange all the necessary equipment and expertise to transport them safely.