Our Mission

To provide our customers with the most efficient, innovative household, commercial, and international moving experience possible.

Our Vision

To be a leader in total logistics solution with total customer satisfaction and global presence.

About Us

Pack2go is the one stop shop for all your relocation and moving needs. We assist with domestic, commercial, and international moves and shipments. Be it a small personal package or a bulky official shipment; our team is always ready to assist.

Pack2go has been a key player in the UAE, as well as in the international markets for a while now. We have established our base across Singapore, Qatar and UAE with our expertise in logistics and freight operations. We have maintained a reputation of consistent and high quality standard for all classes and types of shipments. Our team has created a niche for themselves and comes across as highly credible.

We have an uncompromising stand on ‘Standardized Service Quality’ parameters, across all our service centers and among our team members.

Our “Standardized Service Quality” parameters ensures that every department and process at Pack2Go is geared towards delivering the Pac2Go brand promise

Global Recruitment standards:

You can be assured that every personnel associated with each aspect of your move at Pack2Go (managers, move coordinators, drivers, packers, service technicians etc) has undergone a rigorous selection process and has a proven track record in their respective areas of expertise.

Turnkey services:

As a part of Pack2Go’sr brand promise of “stress free services” it strives to provide a “one stop shopping” experience. So whatever your special moving or logistics requirement – transit insurance, pet relocation, storage, cleaning services – good chance Pack2Go has it.

Modern tools and equipment specific to the job:

Whatever be the type of move residential, commercial, educational institutes, government agency etc, Pack2GO has the equipment, expertise and personnel to ensure hassle and stress-free experience.

Tracking services:

Track your international shipments through customized access software.

Extensive international networks and partnerships:

whether you wish to move local, interstate or international. Pack2Go’s worldwide resources and a plethora of locations all around the world gives us the extra edge over other moving companies.

When shifting you sometimes end up doing a good deed!

At pack2go we still care about humanity, Precisely the reason for us to take all your storable food like canned food, pulses, rice etc. that you cannot or would not take with you when shifting.

We put them to good use by donating the food that you do not carry to people who are needy of it.

Next time you want to get rid of that can of soup ( excess baggage ) when shifting, just inform us and we will make sure someone will thank you for their dinner.

Our valued clients