Residential Moving

Moving homes is overwhelming as well as exhausting on the entire family. Getting your household items safe and in place is crucial in setting your dream abode. We at Pack2Go understand this and strive to ease this move.

Our team will start with an intensive assessment of your belongings, consider protection options, and handle the process with utmost care and efficiency.

We have a wide array of household moving solutions, including full service packing, fragile only packing, guidance for self-packing (personal items as well as valuables), and installation and assembly of furniture and other household appliances. We also undertake international moves, with extensive insurance covers and tracking options.

Making the experience pleasant, our support services during and post the move includes handyman, cleaning, carpentry, electrician and painting services. This saves you from ‘service hunting’ after the move. Our team will also look into that your valuables have the right packing material, eliminating possibilities of breakages and exposure to elements – especially in case of international moves.

We at Pack2Go will be happy to provide you with budget friendly, customized residential moving plans. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.