Transport Your Cars with the World Class Car Shipping Companies In UAE

As one of the best car shipping companies in UAE, Pack2go understands how passionate you can be about your car and vehicles. We are among the few moving specialists who undertake international car relocations perfectly, and in complete sync with your demands. We ensure optimal care, and can transport your vehicle to any major global destination.

Our turnkey solutions include door to door services, and we undertake legal documentation and ensure the legal compliance of the shipment. We also provide air freight options for a faster and hassle free move.

Pack2Go as the car shipping company in UAE

Pack2Go is the one the best car shipping companies in UAE, and no matter what your requirement is, be it temporary move or a complete relocation, you can entrust us with the task of moving them safely. We adopt all safety measures depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and use appropriate packaging materials to ship the vehicle.

Pack2Go specialises in car shipping services, including the required paperwork and documentation for seamless shipping. We specialise in shipping all kinds of vehicles including high value cars, racing cars, classic cars, etc. There will be a dedicated move manager who will work with you constantly, clearing all your doubts, and assisting with all the planning and documentation required for a hassle-free move. We will provide you with personalised services so you don’t have to worry about anything related to moving your vehicle safely.

Car shipping UAE

Procedures involved in car shipping

There are different modes of transporting your vehicle, and based on that you will have to prepare the vehicle and go over the procedures. Nevertheless there are some common basic processes like securing your vehicle tightly so it doesn’t move during transit, transporting them in enclosed trailers after picking them up from your location and then dropping them at the target location. For transporting the cars located at a spot that isn’t easily transportable through road, then you need to use the air freight service of the shipping service.

As for the paperwork, you need to have a bill of lading and the insurance terms and conditions while transporting the car. If you are using the ship freight services, you need to have documents like lienholder and absent owner authorizations.

Types of freight services used in Car relocation

There are three kinds of freight services offered by  car shipping companies in UAE. We offer the best services in all three of them – road, rail and air. Car shipping is done in dedicated containers or you can combine them with other cars moving to the same destination. The car shipping is done through RoRo, short for Roll on Roll off carriers and are designed to carry cars, trucks, large vehicles, tanks, heavy equipments etc. If your vehicle is in a driving condition, then it can easily be transported to the port, placed in the containers and then shipped off. We also package cars for air freight services, and ensure that they reach the destination safely and securely. Road transport services are provided for short term car moving, and our services cover complete safety measures.

Advantage of choosing us for car shipping

We are experts at car shipping, and we can take care of all the necessary paperwork for car shipping. We can also help you choose the best transport based on your budget and other requirements. Once you decide to ship your car to the new destination, you don’t have to worry about any of the paperwork required for the move. We will take care of everything right from getting the documents ready, to packing the cars and dropping them off at the new destination.

How we are recognized?

We have been shipping cars to various destinations all over the world for several years. We have been providing both regional and international moving and hence are quite proficient in providing all kinds of transportation methods – rail, road or freight. We are quite transparent in our moving process, so you can keep track of your vehicles and see how far they have reached while in transit. We use highly sophisticated and safe methods to ensure your vehicle reaches safely at its destination.

Top-Notch Car Shipping Solutions in UAE

Are you trying to find trustworthy car shipping companies in UAE? Pack2Go is your reliable partner for hassle-free and expert auto relocation services, so look no further.

Why Choose Professional Car Shipping?

Using expert car shipping services from car shipping companies in UAE has several advantages when it comes to moving your priceless vehicle. Professional auto shipping firms like Pack2Go enhance the process with knowledge, dependability, and peace of mind. Give your automobile to professionals who are knowledgeable about the nuances of both domestic and international auto shipping to ensure a safe and easy trip from beginning to end.

Comprehensive Services

Pack2Go offers a range of services to cater to diverse car shipping needs:

Domestic Car Shipping

Our priority is to minimize downtime for your business. With Pack2Go, you can expect quick and efficient moves that prioritize the seamless continuation of your operations.

International Car Shipping

We understand the value of your assets. Our team is trained to handle valuable equipment and
sensitive materials with the utmost care and attention, ensuring a secure relocation process.

Specialized Services

Pack2Go goes beyond standard car shipping with specialized services tailored to meet unique
requirements. From luxury cars to classic vehicles, we have the expertise to handle and transport them with the utmost care.

Service Highlights

Being one of the top car shipping companies in UAE our commitment to excellence is reflected in our service

Fully Insured Shipments

Your peace of mind is our priority. All shipments are fully insured to safeguard your vehicle
against unforeseen circumstances during transit.

Vehicle Tracking System

Stay informed about the status and location of your vehicle in real-time with our advanced
vehicle tracking system.

Professional Handling and Loading

Our experienced team ensures the professional handling and loading of your vehicle, minimizing
the risk of damage during the shipping process.

Transparent Pricing

At Pack2Go, transparency is key. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden costs, ensuring
you know exactly what to expect.

Areas Covered and International Destinations

Pack2Go offers complete automobile transportation services to all major cities and locations in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, we offer international shipping to a number of different locations across the globe. Get in touch with us to find out more about particular foreign routes and destinations.

Safety and Security Measures

Our first priority is the safety of your car. To guarantee your car arrives in the exact condition it left, we employ strict safety and security procedures during the shipping process, such as secure loading, transit monitoring, and secure unloading.

For dependable, safe, and hassle-free vehicle shipping services in the United Arab Emirates, pick Pack2Go. Whether you’re moving locally or abroad, you can rely on us to treat your car with the respect it deserves. Get a quote from us right now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring experts in car relocation.


We at Pack2Go have our own warehouse and we also partner with the best car shipping companies in UAE. This ensures that your vehicle is in safe hands and will reach the destination safely.
Many factors go into shipping a car from UAE such as destination, vehicle type, etc. Fret not. We at Pack2Go will handle everything. Call us today at +971-4-3232125 to know more.
Based on the destination country, it can take several days to weeks.
It depends on company to company. While some car shipping companies in UAE allow personal items in the car, some will not permit to do so. Call us at +971-4-3232125 if you have any questions for us.
Documents required to export your car from Dubai includes require title, export certificate, identification and files for customs clearance. We t Pack2Go are the best movers in Abu Dhabi who will guide you with the documents and can handle all the process.
An export certificate of the car verifies that your car is legally authorized for transportation/export from the UAE to another country.
No. Once the car is placed in the container, it will be locked in position, which resists moving.
Yes. We provide transport insurance options to our customers that will give you added protection for your vehicle during transit. We always advice talking to us about vehicle insurance for proper guidance and insurance plan.