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United States of America as the Moving Destination

Planning to make a move from Dubai to the USA? Looking to explore your business opportunities or find a new job in the country that’s often courted to be the land of dreams. We are your one-stop solution for international movers Dubai to USA, covering all that you need to make your move to the country a truly memorable experience. The USA is a great country to settle, whether it is for work or for study purposes, you get to meet so many people practising so many different cultures. A great place to explore your potential, and enjoy life.

Procedures involved in moving from Dubai to USA

Once you decide to move to the USA, you can leave everything to us, because as international movers Dubai to USA experts, we will be able to provide you with all encompassing services. There are a lot of procedures involved in the immigration and moving processes, and these must be done without any delay or mistake. As experts in the field, we will be able to do this in the shortest time possible, and we will assign a representative who will exclusively handle your immigration processes.

Documents required

We can help you get the required documents for your relocation to the USA. Here are the documents that you need to get your visa:

  • Your passport
  • Visa
  • Driver’s licence (if necessary, and also an international driver’s licence if you already have them)
  • Birth certificate certified
  • School and work certificates
  • International vaccination certificate
  • Medical documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Proof of existing bank accounts in the home country tax returns and important financial documents
  • Other certificates like marriage certificate, divorce certificate if applicable and custody certificates if applicable
  • Pet’s vaccination certificate and
  • Medical documents of your pet

Types of Freight Services used

As trusted international movers Dubai to USA, we offer three main types of freight services: air, rail and road. We can help you go through the benefits of hiring each of these services, so you will know which would be more suitable for your requirements. Air freight services are usually demanded by people who want their goods to reach the new destination faster, and they are willing to pay more for it. If you have a lot of containers to transport and wouldn’t mind them reaching slowly and can’t afford to pay for the air fare, then the shipping services would be the best option. Road services are perfect for short distance moves.

Things that are allowed and prohibited while moving to USA

While preparing to move to the USA, it would be good to know what you can carry and cannot, to make it a seamless relocation. Some items require special licences and permits, and there are some items that they don’t allow at all, like dangerous toys and cars that don’t protect the occupants during a crash and so on. America does not allow goods that harm the community’s health, children, harm domestic animal and plant life, cause injury and so on. We can go through this in detail with you during your relocation and moving process so you will be better informed.

Why to choose Pack2Go for moving from Dubai to USA

Pack2Go has considerable experience in providing all encompassing services for international movers Dubai to US programs. We have experts who will go through each step of the moving process with you, so the entire relocation will be smooth, with no unpleasant surprises. We have experience in both local and international moves and can help with your complete relocation, including finding a new neighbourhood for you to stay in the new country, moving your stuff and settling in the new place. When you have experienced people by your side, relocation is a piece of cake.


Yes, with the assistance from international movers from Dubai to the USA like Pack2Go can make your transition process quite easy. However, it will still call for various immigration and logistical procedures that needs to be followed. For instance, relocation needs are based on various factors such as visa requirements, personal circumstances, and how capable your movers are. With Pack2Go, you need not worry about relocation services as we will handle everything impeccably.
International movers from Dubai to the USA like Pack2Go provide you with a wide range of services such as arranging and packing your goods, handling customs procedures and ensuring safe and secure transit of your properties to the USA. This way you can have a peace of mind that all your goods are in safe hands and all the procedures are handled efficiently.
The cost of relocation comes down to several factors such as the size of your belongings, shipping method that you choose (air or sea), the distance and any additional services that you require. If you want an estimate, feel free to call us from any of the international movers.
The decision to work in Dubai or USA is solely your personal choice based on your career goals, industry, and quality of life. Both locations offer you unique job chances and challenges. Consider factors such as job prospects, work-life balance, and lifestyle preferences when making your decision.
Managing an international move from Dubai to the USA involves proper planning. Start by looking up visa requirements, hiring reputable movers like Pack2Go, and preparing a detailed inventory of your items. Make sure to stay organized and communicate with us. Also keep all the necessary documents handy and in proper order.
Some of the things you need to consider when moving to the USA include visa requirements, medical and healthcare, residential options, schooling, respecting the cultural differences and the overall cost of living. Knowing these aspects can help you prepare you for a successful transition.
When you are moving to the USA from Dubai, make sure to ask your mover of any extra fees. This includes customs duties, import taxes, storage charges and destination services. It is necessary to discuss all these things with your movers and include while planning your budget.
International movers from Dubai to the USA like Pack2Go allow you to track location and the status of your shipment once it leaves your home in Dubai. We will keep you updated of the transit and where it reached till it reaches the destination.