Warehouse Location Strategy: Picking the Perfect Spot in Dubai

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Dubai is a flourishing economy with high prospects for businesses. The legends of entrepreneurs who rose to the height of this encouraging ecosystem are many. Keeping legends aside let us try to focus on the practicality of establishing a business. What do you think is the essential element of a successful business?
Pointing at this element the business tycoon and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk was reported to have said recently: “The supply chain stuff is really tricky”

Yes, having a robust and efficient supply chain with a strategically placed warehouse is a decisive element in the rise or fall of a business.

In this context let us have a look at the strategies that have to be factored in upon choosing the perfect spot for Storage / Warehousing Dubai:

1. Infrastructure and Transportation Networks

Professional movers in Dubai have shown exemplary feet in this respect. They have ensured warehouses in locations strategically, ensuring access to robust transportation infrastructures. This is important in light of a logistics market expected to exceed 31 billion USD by 2026, according to data provided by the website Statista. If you can locate warehouses in places with access to transportation infrastructures it will have large implication on your budget.

Other than considering budget factors, certain commodities have specific transportation channels like waterways or roadways. If the warehouse that you opt for doesn’t have access to these transportation infrastructures it will have serious impacts on the growth of your business.

2. Cost Considerations and Economic Factors 

Storage / Warehousing Dubai should accommodate rental or real estate rates, employee hiring costs and their average pay scale, and other operational costs involving utilities and taxes. Governments often make specific zones for businesses and offer incentives for taxation. Identifying these zones and a bird’s eye view of all the economic considerations weighs a lot in profiting from your business endeavors.

3. Market accessibility and Consumer Base

Having market nearby warehouses is a boon considering the transportation costs. Other than the costs incurred meeting demands by speedy delivery is also enabled by market-centred warehousing. Warehouse location should be decided only after factoring in the demand patterns. It will not be a wise decision to spend money on a strategic location for your warehouse, with a slow demand projection. In this regard, you can also make consultations with professional movers in Dubai who are veterans in arranging warehouses.

4. Security and Risk Management

It is important to make sure that the warehouse premises have proper security surveillance. Leading Storage / Warehousing Dubai like that offered by Pack2Go provides full insurance against breakages and damages. Such additional protection should be available in this warehousing location for the valuables you decide to store in these locations.

Places vulnerable to natural disasters should also be avoided. If it is the only option make sure that you are protected with relevant insurance coverages.

Compliance with the law of the land and the scalability options considering future growth prospects are other strategies that need to be considered before going for a spot for warehousing. The long-term impacts of this decision have to be factored in.

Partnering with a reliable storage and warehousing provider in Dubai could ease your workload. In this way you can channel your energy on the production side of the business. With such a mission Pack2Go is well equipped with resources and partners across countries to ensure a seamless operation for your supply chain management.