How to Trim down Your Possessions before you Move?

What’s the easiest thing to do when you are planning on making your move? To dump all of your belongings in large cardboard boxes and leaving it stacked up in a box ready to move. This I’ll-deal-with-it-in-the-morning tendency can make you pass up a great opportunity to trim down your possessions. Right before you move is the time when you are running out of space to pack things into, not finding enough space to carry everything. This is when you are advised to start trimming down, easing your new home’s trash quota. A new life calls for a new beginning, and well, it’s not really a new life if you go in there with the same baggage that you have wanted to shed for a while now. Before you make your move, trim down your possessions. Here are four tips to help you along the way.

Go Trimming Category after Category

When was the last time you were trying to tidy up and shed that excess baggage you have in your home? Irrespective of its time, chances are that you took it on room by room, which, well let’s face it, is a rookie mistake. If you are looking to cut back on your possessions and eliminate the waste out of it, the best way to do it is to start the process category by category. For example, say if you keep some cutlery in the kitchen, others in the dining room, make sure you bring them all together in one place before you decide on what to keep and what to let go of. The same approach should be kept for books, music, and CDs, and other athletic equipment etc. The trick here is to know what you want to keep, not what you are willing to let go of.

Handle Everything

There is a human sense of touch and in trimming down of possessions you own, that touch can sometimes prove vital. When you are looking to eliminate the waste from your stuff, make sure you go hands-on with each of them before making your decision. A lot of things in your stuff, such as your clothing etc., cannot be skimmed past and discarded. The best way to deal with them is to handle them one by one and decide on each of them periodically one after the other.

Look Deep Down for the Joy

Have you ever given away something that you continue to miss even to this day? There are some things that strike the chord immediately once you see them no matter how old or less frequently used they are. So when you are looking to trim down your possessions, make sure it strikes the chord immediately as you look at it. This is particularly helpful when you are dealing with two similar things that you can’t pick in between on merits. When you have decided to move, it is best that you take as less waste with you as possible, so before you make your move, cut down on your belongings.