Preparing for a Move: Dubai to France

Preparing for a Move Dubai to France

France is a European country known for its spectacular cities and a rich cultural tradition. It also has a cuisine known for its sophistication and exquisite flavors. Not a single tourist will forget the French flavors of Coq au vin or Ratatouille. Along with these attractions, the high quality of life including healthcare and premium educational facilities make it an attractive destination for the expat population around the world.

Data projected by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2019 shows that France received approximately 255,000 immigrants. So it can be inferred that the demand for immigration into this country is met with successful applications. From this understanding, there is all the more a reason to be excited about a move to France from Dubai. However, overlooking certain key requirements may get movers to France from Dubai into trouble. That is why we have dedicated this session as a comprehensive guide for this move.

Key Considerations

Legal Requirements

It is essential to carry an applicable visa as per the purpose of the visit. French administration offers a long-stay professional visa, study visa, and long-stay visa for the family among other options. Understanding these key basics is necessary to avoid any trouble abroad. Passport, detailed inventory valued in Euro signed by the owner, bill of lading, proof of residence, and sales invoice for items purchased within 6 months before import are some legal requirements for a smooth relocation into France. A certificate of change of residence by the French consulate in the country of origin (in this case UAE) is another important document for legal compliance.

Language Preparedness

Learning French may not be essential for mere relocation. However considering the need for cultural integration, accessing employment opportunities and education, and maneuvering legal and administrative procedures it is essential to learn the basic language skills. Since online courses are available to learn French language movers to France from Dubai can enroll in one of these much earlier than the relocation date.

Cost of Living

A three-course meal for a pair from an average restaurant in France can start from about 50 Euros or 200 AED. Utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and garbage can be in the range of 140 to 200 Euros. In UAE currency this equals 560 to 800 AED. Health care and education are other factors to consider. Be prepared for these aspects for smooth, safe, and comfortable relocation.

Health Care in France

France offers one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, it weighs on the country’s taxation regime. Moreover, the public health insurance coverage that facilitates subsidized health care may not be accessible to foreigners until a period of 3 months. So it is better to be prepared with private healthcare insurance to cover this period.

Financial Management

Whether a person moves to France from Dubai or any other place, it is essential to have a system to access financial resources. A bank account is essential as soon as an immigrant lands in France. However, some immigrants may find it difficult to master French outright to handle a French banking institution upon landing. In this case, it is better to apply online since online portals offer multilingual interfaces.

Such basic preparedness will empower an immigrant from Dubai to survive in French territory with communication, financial, and health security while ensuring legal compliance in the country. Unfortunately transporting personal belongings and the customs compliance that follows put an additional workload on movers to France from Dubai. This is why it is essential to get support from a moving company who can handle your valuables with care. With such additional support, you can focus on other aspects of moving. Pack2Go with years of experience in packing and transportation can be a reliable choice in this direction.