Deciding on Your Accommodation Setup in South Africa

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South Africa is a diverse country known for its breathtaking landscapes including forests, cliffs, and beach sides. This makes it an alluring destination for tourists and the ones who wish to relocate to a new country.

With this tourist inflow finding accommodation at reasonable prices can be challenging, especially during peak seasons. Pre-booking is a solution to solve such situations. But there is more information that you should know to find the best accommodation facility that aligns with your requirements.

Here is a guide to effectively plan accommodations upon moving to this country.

South Africa: Accommodation, Budgeting and more

  • Accommodation Types

Accommodation facilities in South Africa include backpacker lodges, budget hotels, country lodges, boutique lodges, Bed and Breakfast (B&B) hotels, and guest houses.

Among these backpacker camping lodges are the cheapest with few amenities. Boutiques and country lodges are the extreme facility that costs accordingly. However, these luxury restaurants are a value for money considering the special treatments provided.

B&B are homestays where the house owner stays on site. A basic B&B might contain two rooms with a common bathroom. In case you need an en-suite facility with a bath attached independent room some of them you will find with some extra South African Rand.

  • Location Considerations

Hotels and accommodation facilities that are close to tourist attractions, national parks, or urban centers might be fully occupied through the mid-summer Christmas season which is a peak season in South Africa. If you move from UAE to South Africa in these times finding accommodation at these locations can be a bit difficult. Negotiations are not even possible. Mid-range hotels in these locations are likely to charge double in those times.

For people who are willing to spend extra Rand Rural areas offer country lodges and cities offer boutique lodges. The return on investments of these luxury stays is already mentioned in the previous section.

  • Budgeting and Cost Analysis

Backpacker lodges are available from 125 Rand per person. The other extreme can go up to 2000 Rand where the boutique and country lodges offer the best facilities available in South Africa.

When it comes to mid-range hotels the expenses can begin from R 800 for a room. B&B facilities and guesthouses stand in between backpacker lodges and mid-range hotels weighing on its affordability.

To sum up, basic accommodation facilities are available at cheaper rates and extreme luxury is accessible at reasonable rates. The accommodation facilities that stay in between may not offer soulful rooms that give value for money. But a bare minimum of neat and well-kept rooms can be expected at most facilities.

Budgeting according to the needs and financial constraints is pretty much transparent in South Africa. Consulting with International moving companies in UAE can give a better picture of the costs incurred based on real-time data.  

  • Cultural Immersion and Authentic Experiences

If exploring South Africa is the priority when you move from UAE to South Africa, there are hotels that are located on cliffs and in the center of forests. They even offer unique trekking and camping experiences. However, their prices can go up to the range of R2000 or above.

The various accommodation types in South Africa, their details peculiar to location, budgeting considerations, and opportunities provided by them for authentic experiences have been made clear. You might find these details a bit overwhelming. This is where you must consider hiring a professional mover who can make your move hassle-free.

Pack2Go with a proven track record can be a reliable partner in this move from UAE to South AfricaOur experience and proper guidance are guaranteed to make your move as easy as possible.