A Comparison Between The Life Of USA And UAE

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Starting over in a new nation is difficult. Your head is full of questions, making it difficult to decide. International movers Dubai to USA are here to help you if you’re torn between Dubai and the US (we love America), this classic faceoff can help you decide. Which is better for expats: Dubai or America?

Dubai and America have substantial expat communities. This proves that both countries offer the best chances to improve your life and move with Pack 2 Go, the best movers in Abu Dhabi.

Some difference of UAE and USA


The locations of Dubai and the US are where we start our comparison. Dubai, in the eastern Persian Gulf, is a popular expat destination. America, or the USA, is a huge country from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Dubai is close to most of Europe, Asia, and Africa. America is only near Canada, Mexico, and northern South America. Everywhere else is far from the US.

Travelling from Dubai to Europe, Asia, or Africa is shorter. In contrast, America has a short flying time to Canada and Mexico. Most of the globe is far away!


America probably has every topography type. This country has snowy mountains, desolate deserts, lovely coasts, stunning canyons, lush lands, and gorgeous national parks.

Dubai’s landscape isn’t as picturesque as America’s. This emirate has a flat landscape with minimal twist. Dubai grew suddenly amid the desert. A few oasis and lakes and a short yet spectacular shoreline exist.

American landscapes are more appealing than Dubai’s. Travellers in America will always find something to satisfy their wanderlust.


Moving to a new country exposes you to fresh (and maybe different) weather. Your body and soul may struggle to take the hit. Never underestimate how climate affects your life. So consider that before migrating to Dubai or America. In Dubai, expect long daytime hours. Daytime is bright and sunny. The best season is winter. Winter begins in November and lasts until February. For individuals from winter-dominated countries, Dubai summer is miserable.

America’s climate is varied. This is owing to its vastness and varied sceneries. American climates range from sunny tropical to super-snowy arctic and alpine.

 America has seven climate regions: Northwest Coastal, High Plains, Midwest, Mi-Atlantic, Southeast, South, and Southwest. Each region has unique weather patterns, precipitation, temperature, wind movement, etc.

Cost of Living

Settling in America or Dubai guarantees great living conditions. Dubai is known for its lavish lifestyle, but America is too. Discover the cost of living differences.

To live well in Dubai, you need at least AED 19,000 per month. At USD 9,200 (AED 33,800), this expense is considerable in New York. Los Angeles costs roughly USD 7,000 (AED 25,700) per month, more than Dubai but less than New York.

New York has 53% higher consumer prices and 116% higher rents than Dubai. Although Los Angeles is cheaper than New York, its Consumer Prices and Rent Prices are 20.50% and 57.5% higher than Dubai’s.

The aforementioned data shows that residing in America will cost you more than Dubai. With many high-end restaurants, retail shops, and groceries, America’s prices are always high.

The nicest part of working and living in Dubai begins. Even as an expat, you pay no income tax! This implies you can save a lot and live better in Dubai by paying the same (or less) every month.

Career Options

Millions of expats worldwide choose Dubai for its tax-free income and booming economy. UAE created 250,000 employees in banking, retail, telecoms, and technology in 2020 despite the COVID-19 epidemic.

COVID-19 hurt the 2020 American job market. After COVID-19, the country recovered quickly.


Dubai has many world-class schools. Many world-renowned schools and institutions have international campuses in the city. If you relocate to Dubai, your kids won’t miss anything because the schooling is so outstanding. Many international schools in Dubai educate expat children in a multicultural setting. The main negative is that Dubai’s public schools don’t offer free education to foreign pupils. Dubai provides a lucrative international student life with several options. Check out our top Dubai universities for international students.

In contrast, American public schools are free. Choosing a private school for your kids costs money. America has high education standards and follows worldwide best practices.

Public Transport

Dubai has a modern, diverse public transport network for easy city travel. This area has many travel options. You must choose based on money and choice. Dubai has bus, metro, monorail, taxi, water taxi, and ferry services. Well-maintained highways allow you to reach any corner of the city without spending much time or money. What about US public transit? Some significant US cities have buses, cabs, and trains. Most places have poor public transport. Fewer stops and poor neighbourhood connections. Your private car will be your main mode of transportation in the US.

As shown, Dubai and America fought hard. Dubai has an additional point, but that doesn’t mean America is bad. Moving to Dubai or America is your choice but make it through international movers Dubai to USA. Good luck choosing the best option for you, your family, and your profession with Pack 2 Go, the best movers Abu Dhabi.