Residential Moving

Get Solutions From Our Expert Local Movers Dubai

Moving homes is overwhelming as well as exhausting for the entire family. Getting your household items safe and in place is crucial in setting your dream abode. We at Pack2Go understand this and strive to ease this move.

Our team will start with an intensive assessment of your belongings, consider protection options, and handle the process with utmost care and efficiency.

As reputed local movers Dubai, we have a wide array of household moving solutions, including full service packing, fragile only packing, guidance for self-packing (personal items as well as valuables), and installation and assembly of furniture and other household appliances. We also undertake international moves, with extensive insurance covers and tracking options.

Services involved in local moving Dubai

Moving is a very time-consuming task and involves a lot of packing, assembly, transporting and so on. Hiring local movers Dubai would help take stress off your mind when you should be concentrating on other things during the move. We can help move your valuables and to do this efficiently, we have a special process and equipment to transport them. We also have climate-controlled storage units so you can keep your possessions safe until you need to retrieve them.

Our specialised services include:

  • Commercial Packing and Unpacking – Imagine having to pack and unpack all your office stuff and heavy equipment then moving them to the destination. With our packing and moving services you don’t have to bother with that.
  • Residential Packing and Unpacking – Planning to shift to a new home? Don’t worry. With our customised moving solutions, moving is now an easy process.
  • Storage services – Make use of our ever expanding storage units and store all your valuable possessions until you want to move them.
  • Cargo Insurance – We make sure your stuff is insured while moving them, so if any accidents happen, you will be adequately covered.
  • Car Relocation – We offer car relocation and support services, so if you want to move your vehicles internationally, we can help you.
  • Freight services – We provide air, sea and land freight services so if you want to send your goods in whichever manner you need, you can easily do so. The rates are quite economical when compared to our competitor providers. We assure you that.
  • Industrial Packaging services – We use highly sophisticated packaging materials and constantly upgrade to the latest technological innovations to ensure the best standards in industrial packaging solutions.

Benefits of choosing Pack2Go

When you choose Pack2Go as your local movers, you can focus on other aspects of your moving. We will do the actual act of packing your stuff, and moving them to the desired location. Once you let us know of your moving destination and your moving requirements, we will visit your place to prepare an action plan. With the help of this plan, we will be able to customise and start the moving process. Another benefit of choosing us as your local mover is that you can store whatever you don’t need to transport, and we will hold them in our storage containers for as long as you need them. Our dealings are entirely transparent and foolproof, so don’t bother about any mundane things any more.

What makes us stand out from others?

We are unique in the manner we do business with our customers. We know that your possessions are an important part of your life, and that you need them transported or stored as per your specifications. Not only are we highly professional in our moving and storage solutions, but you will be able to track your belongings and see where they have reached during the transportation process. We will be with you every step of the way, and you can contact us in case of any concern.

Choose us as your local mover Dubai

You can enjoy peace of mind when you choose our local mover Dubai services. With our experience and knowledge, you can entrust the task to us entirely, and we will perform it to our fullest capability. We will do everything involved in the moving process, starting from getting the appropriate packaging materials to safely packing them, transporting them to the new destinations in the safest manner possible. Our services are centred around honesty, reliability, promptness and transparency.