Commercial Moving

Professional Movers In Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Moving a business base is tedious. With heavy equipment and furniture, sensitive documents, and files; this isn’t an ordinary day job and needs trained professionals. This is why you need the expertise of the best movers Abu Dhabi services to make the process smooth and without untoward incidents.

At Pack2Go, we understand the needs of our corporate clients, and work to provide customized relocation and storage solutions. Our team has earned reputation for turnkey and hassle free relocation services at both local and international moves. With our extensive infrastructure and global network, we are well equipped to handle moves of all sizes and scope.

As professional movers in Dubai, we guarantee –

  • Only trained and experienced service crew to handle your move at every stage of the process.
  • Modern and job specific equipment is used to handle moves of different size and scope.
  • WYSWYG – What you see is what you get! Total transparency is assured, we give no last minute surprises or have hidden charges.
  • Comprehensive insurance options are available for both domestic and international moves, at the most competitive rates.
  • Tracking Services: You can track your international shipments and get updates on the progress.
  • Door to Door relocation to all major destinations.

Pack2Go’s brand promises a smooth transition to help get back to business as quickly as needed.

What makes us Special?

To provide the best movers Abu Dhabi services, we specialise in hassle-free local, international and commercial moves and our focus is on the safety and security of your goods. You can rely on our expert movers to do the packaging in the most careful manner and we can customise the moving process to suit your individual needs. We know that moving offices can be an energy sapping and time consuming process, so it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, we have special procedure that will make the relocation as seamless as possible Whether it is a restaurant, retail store, computer firm or any kind of business, you just entrust it to us, and we can make it happen. As the best logistic company, our moving services are fast, affordable and transparent so you can keep track of your goods at all times.

Professional moving services in commercial relocation

Pack2Go is the trusted professional moving services in commercial relocation. As professional movers in Dubai, we have experts in our team who can pack and move your goods and then install them in the same manner in the new location. Our services cover the entire thing, right from packing, transporting the goods safely to unpacking them and ensure everything is set up correctly. This means uninstalling the machinery, dismantling the computers and other equipments used in the business, and bringing them all safely to the new location and installing them.  With handyman services, we can help install the stuff and get the office running smoothly, as part of the relocation services.

Processes involved in commercial moving services

Business moves can be a very overwhelming and complicated process, so having a very professional and expert company to help you through the move will make things easier for you. Once your new space is ready for the move, we will do the logistics part so the new space is aptly utilised and your team will have the perfect place to work. As part of the moving process, you need to devote some time with us to chart down all the goods that you need transported and all that you are discarding. That’s where an inventory of the list needs to be created, so you will not miss out on anything.  This way, everyone will know what all things are being packed, and goods that need special packaging care. There will be goods with special insurance coverage, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of accident or loss while transporting them.

Once you let us know of the move dates, we will arrive with our team to pack the goods. Our fool-proof process will reduce your stress on the moving day, so you will have more focus on getting settled at the new place

The process in short:

  • Inventory of list
  • Items that need special packaging and transporting care
  • Items with insurance coverage
  • The vehicles needed for the move
  • Packaging items that need special care

Benefits of choosing us as professional movers?

Commercial moves can be quite a stressful process and it is important to partner with the people who can make the move as seamless as possible. Even if you are scaling up, the entire process can be overwhelming, and while you have a bright future to look forward to, only professional movers with years of experience can make the move easy and hassle-free. There might be plenty of goods that require special care and caution. Our professional movers are experts at transporting all kinds of office goods, equipment and machinery, unpacking and reinstalling them. Remove all the stress of moving by partnering with us.

Get in touch with us and our team will be happy to talk and assist you with a quote and a relocation plan.