Commercial Moving

Moving offices? Got heavy equipment, or it is just a few computers and files. We will tailor make plans to ease your move.

Residential Moving

Found your dream home? Need help with luggage? Or you need a handyman to set up pieces of furniture. Pack2Go is at your service!

Storage Services

Is space a constraint for you? Need customized storage plans to suit the pocket? Look no further, Pack2Go can do it all.

Cargo Insurance

Accidents are unforeseen. Thus we are associated with key global insurance providers to give competitive covers for all goods registered with us.

Car Relocation

Pack2go provides a complete range of international car relocation and support services for all legally permissible cars across the world

Air Freight

Need a parcel to reach fast? Choose air freight for quick and safe delivery of your goods. Be it bulky or something small, we can help!

Sea Freight

Sea freight is a preferred option for safer delivery of goods. Ideal for large sized cargo and is cost effective compared to other means.

Land Freight

Does your parcel need to reach really fast? With our well connected land means, leave it to us and we will get the work done.

Industrial Packaging

Our industrial packaging uses advanced techniques and high quality material. We follow the industry’s best standards, so expect the best.

Dubai to France

Planning to move to France? Enlist the services of movers to France from Dubai. France is famed for its high culture and stress-free living.

Dubai to UK

Planning to shift from Dubai to UK? Then you might be curious to know about the destination and what living there would be like, right?

Dubai to Germany

Germany is a beautiful country that offers a beautiful mix of both fast city life and quiet suburban experience. . The cost of living is relatively

Dubai to USA

Planning to make a move from Dubai to the USA? Looking to explore your business opportunities or find a new job in the country that’s often courted to be the land of dreams.

UAE to South Africa

At Pack2Go we are proud to be your dedicated international relocation expert helping to make your move from UAE to South Africa stress-free.

UAE to Singapore

your trusted partner in relocation services from UAE to Singapore. Whether moving as a family, a business, or an individual, our specialised moving solutions are designed to make the process easy and stress-free

The No.1 International Relocation Company In Dubai

As highly regarded international relocation companies in Dubai, our moving process is not only professional, but seamless too and we are quite familiar with all the areas and roadways that we have to deliver. We have several years experience in packaging and moving various kinds of goods to thousands of customers. We are always prepared for unexpected surprises while moving, and are better prepared to deal with all these professionally. Once you entrust the moving of goods and valuables to us, you can relax, and focus on other aspects of moving.

Pack2Go will handle all the logistics and planning required for your international moving. We are one of the most renowned international relocation companies in Dubai, and so we do everything in the right order and manner so you don't have to be bothered with anything.

International relocation is not an easy process because there are so many legalities to be adhered to. So it is always best to entrust the task to professionals to make the process complete and hassle-free. We have exclusive teams allotted to handling each part of the moving process so everything will move in tandem with each other. Right plan initial consultation to planning and execution we have covered all the logistics well so you will not have trouble with the moving. We have customised and personalised moving plans to make your international relocation dream come true. And this includes not just the relocation process, neighbourhood selection, bank account opening, but storage solutions too.

Procedures involved in international relocation

We constantly keep ourselves updated on the rules and regulations regarding international relocations, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Apart from knowing more about the destination country that you are planning to move, it is important to prepare and complete the key documents for transferring items across customs borders. We have experts who can complete this process for you right from:

• Deciding what to pack and move
• Deciding what to keep in storage until its time to retain them
• Packaging and shipping items that require special protection
• Understanding the custom rules
• Delivering your goods in the new location

Benefits of choosing Pack2Go

Pack2Go is one of the most trusted international relocation companies in Dubai. When we handle your relocation process, you don’t have anything to worry about. We will work on everything, right from the beginning till the end, so all you need to do is prepare yourself for the actual move, physically and emotionally. With our experience in the field, the entire Relocation will happen smoothly without any flaw or delay. Right from the paperwork to the actual move and settling down, we will be there every step of the way.

We can help with all your goods including your possessions from the garage and kitchen. Let us help you chart a plan that would make your move easier, and impart a pleasant experience altogether.

Call us today to know more about how we achieve this.

What makes us stand out from others?

What makes us stand out is obviously the honesty and transparency in our dealings. We not only guarantee a smooth relocation, but we use specialised overseas boxes to offer that extra layer of protection for all your goods. You can rest assured that all your goods will arrive safely because we take special care through:

• Special packaging
• Handling all the logistics in the planning stage
• Aware of all the international regulations and customs for smooth shipping
• Wide variety of shipping services options

Enjoy peace of mind by partnering with the best international relocation companies in Dubai. We will do all the logistics of planning and moving, so you don't have to be bothered with anything. To make this successful, we have excellent logistic experts who can plan well and the entire moving process happens without any delay.

Thus, when you choose Pack2Go as your international relocation agent, you can quit worrying about moving your goods. We know that relocation is a very stressful process and there will be a whole lot of things that need your attention when you move to a new location. Worrying about packaging and transporting your goods would be the last thing you would need. With our expertise and knowledge, this would be handled professionally and easily.


There are many factors to be considered when relocating to Dubai such as visa requirements, cost of living, healthcare, housing, education, etc.
Dubai is one of the best cities known for its strong economy, job opportunities, and high-quality lifestyle. However, it all comes down to personal choices that you must consider before moving to Dubai.
There are many reasons why people move to Dubai such as job opportunities, excellent tax benefits, luxurious living, and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
We at Pack2Go are the top international relocation companies in Dubai who will handle everything. Right from packing to delivery at the destination country, visa requirements to customs clearance of logistics, we will handle everything.
It is always best to contact Pack2Go well in advance say 3 months prior to properly schedule the packing and moving dates.
Even though we will handle all the packing process, we always recommend our clients to choose insurance coverage in case of any mishap.
Even though you can pack your belongings by yourself, it is always best to talk to professional movers like Pack2Go so that we can ensure proper packing materials be used so that your package reaches safely at the destination.
Absolutely. We provide storage facilities for our clients for both short and long-term storage needs. Call us at +971-4-3232125 to know more. We will be glad to answer any queries that you have.
Yes. Many international relocation companies in Dubai like Pack2Go will provide insurance options to protect your belongings during transportation. Call us at +971-4-3232125 to know more.