How do I go about getting a free quote?

We can be contacted via website/ email or phone. Once your query has been registered with us, a team representative will get in touch for a personal or telephonic talk. Post this, a free quote for the job will be send to you for continuation of the services.

What happens when your representative comes to my home/office?

Our team member comes to your place to visually survey the goods that needs to be handled, packaged and dispatched. This is to calculate the weight, packing costs and to estimate any other additional charges that could incur with the job. This is crucial to get a fair idea of the work that we are going to undertake. Our team member will also guide you on how packaging of specific goods needs to be done. Once this is over, we shall be able to design a customized plan for your move.

How can I find out about my parcel or shipment?

Once the job is undertaken, we will be providing with unique tracking codes and each stage can be monitored. Our team member will also be involved until the shipment has reached destination.

What happens if my shipment is stuck at a regional customs port?

Pack2Go will be responsible for clearing and forwarding the shipment forward to it destination.

Why are Pack2Go’s quotes higher than some other movers?

Pack2Go is a licensed entity to operating from UAE, Qatar and Singapore. We abide by the international service standards as well as the safety certifications and quality and trade practices set by the governments’, from the base we are operating. This not only ensures a hassle and breakage free moving experience for you, but guarantees a prompt response in event of a mishap. At Pack2Go, we give quality service and undertake complete responsibility for your goods. The marginal difference you pay is towards the safe delivery of your belongings and of course, peace of mind.

Why should I choose Pack2Go?

We adhere to the best in the industry! We have associated with the top names in the industry and strive to provide you effectiveness. A testament to our jobs is our clientele base; this is what they opinion about us –

Does Pack2Go guarantee my move?

Yes, we do! Our team conforms and is updated to the latest in the moving and storage industry and; the probability we issue is less than five percent for any sorts of damage or breakages. We are also associated with premium insurance companies to take care of the unfortunate few cases that could arise. Losses will be compensated as per industry norms.

What kinds of services does Pack2Go provide?

We provide complete moving, relocation and freight solutions, as permitted by the law of the land.